Red Door Sounds


Can we bring our own engineer?
Definitely – and we will charge you less. We do need to provide an assistant who is familiar with the studio for all bookings.

What does the assistant do?
Saves you money! An assistant will go out and get food, drinks or anything your engineer needs to save them or you time. They will set up mics, patch things in, burn CDs, tidy up leads, keep the studio neat and tidy and ensure everything is locked up safely at the end of the session.

We’re recording the album in our home studio and only need your space for the drums. Is that cool?
Yep. You are free to do as you please on the days you book.

We’re not sure if we need an engineer or a producer. What’s the difference?
Although a producer can take on partial roles of an engineer and vice versa, specifically an engineer’s role is technically based. They set up all the equipment and ensure its running properly, and monitor the levels and sounds to ensure you are getting what you want. If you want creative help, then a producer is what you need. Their job is to get the best performance out of you, help arrange songs and bring in fresh ideas. Their role is essential to record companies and hiring a producer for your album should be considered if you have a reasonable recording budget. Choosing the right producer, who is enthusiastic about your music and is objective enough to provide an honest opinion is essential. Don’t be afraid to talk to a few prospective producers before you begin your project.

Every artist is unique. If you’re not sure what you need, speak to Woody on 0417 051 977 or and he can help guide you.

The bass player is taking too long and I’m bored
Go hang out in the Artist Lounge. It’s got books, magazines, PlayStation 3 with games, DVDs and wireless for your laptop.

Is there any parking?
There are 2 car parks on site. Parking can be found on the street as well, and after 5pm it’s a ghost town with loads of available parking.

What about food?
We only have basic kitchen facilities but provide a coffee machine, fridge, microwave and a funky snack machine on the premises. We’re located one block from Smith St Collingwood and six blocks from Brunswick St Fitzroy so there are plenty of decent options around. There’s a folder containing local menus at the studio.

We are not local. Are there any hotels close by?
There are plenty of options close by to suit all budgets. We haven’t stayed in them so can’t recommend them personally, but try: * *

*These hotels have been occupied by bands we know and have been recommended by them